Elevating Consciousness for a Better World

“No problem can be solved from within the same level of consciousness that created it.” Albert Einstein

If there’s one thing the current state of the world has revealed, it’s how much of today’s society doesn’t work. The “dis-ease” out there is ubiquitous. The dysfunction is beyond evident. The level of dis-harmony is literally palpable. This is not to make judgment of current systems but rather to recognize that if we are to evolve, we have to expand into higher levels of consciousness than those that have gotten us here.

We can’t find health within a “sick-care” system that focuses on disease and money. Our healthcare systems are designed to treat symptoms rather than foster true well-being, prioritizing profit over people. We can’t find unity within a political structure that focuses on division and power. Our political systems thrive on creating enemies and stoking fear, instead of fostering collaboration and understanding.

We can’t build robust soil and nutritious produce from agricultural practices that saturate our food in carcinogenic chemicals. Our agricultural practices prioritize yield over nutrition, harming our environment and our health. We can’t inspire brilliant minds within an education system that enslaves children to outdated one-size-fits-all curriculums. Our educational systems stifle creativity and individuality, preparing children for a world that no longer exists.

And we certainly can’t thrive on our shared home of planet Earth if we continue to destroy her resources. Our relentless exploitation of natural resources and disregard for environmental sustainability threatens our very survival.

Collectively, as a species, we’re honestly pretty embarrassing. The lies, the deceit, the corruption, the violence, the hatred, the oppression, the disease, the division—these are the hallmarks of our current society. Is this really what we stand for? Despite our technological advancements and achievements, we clearly have so much to learn. We have immense potential to explore when we relinquish the low-vibratory energies of fear, self-righteousness, judgment, control, and greed.

My commitment and my hope during this period of great transformation is that we wake up and start to live with a newfound awareness. We need to begin living from the qualities of unity, love, kindness, peace, and true health, and build systems that support a new society based on these principles. I believe that at our core, despite our differences, everyone fundamentally wants to be a decent human and to live a good life. If we don’t recognize that the current level of consciousness doesn’t support either, then we will continue to spiral into oblivion.

Let us each raise our vibration, commit to kindness and wellness, and collectively give birth to a new era that actually works and allows us all to flourish! We have the power to transform our world if we choose to embrace higher values and create systems that reflect them. The time for change is now. JM