Now more than ever we all need to become masters of our health! ?????
Do you want more energy? ?
Do you want to feel more Connected to yourself and others? ? ?
Do you want to heal your own mental and physical illness? ? ?
Did you know humans are like a mobile phones and have our own internal charging points we can use for AMAZING health! ? ??

So …in the first lockdown , there was a mass Disconnection of humans and we were isolated and blocked from our Source of connections.. family , friends and nature! It was awful! ?
We also felt UNSAFE in our bodies and minds
so I wanted to make people feel safe again by using your only power that no one can take from you!!

So I created a very simple way to Reconnect back to the most powerful energy on the planet! YOU! ??

The Hands and Feet literally HAEMORRHAGE energy out of them! Most things you see around you have been CREATED by our hands!
And our feet are literally like Plugs connecting us to Earth , and sucking up gravity so we can stand up!

In this exercise I have had patients cry, laugh and say they have never felt so safe and connected.
Just place your hands over your heart and belly , connect your feet together and the Power Source is BACK ON! ? ?‍♀️

The next exercise is a Traditional Eastern Energy Exercise and literally turns Stagnation and Sluggishness in to Energy and Vitality! ? ?
And if all else fails , hug a tree! Trees hold MASSIVE energy to ground , energise and calm you! ? ? ❤️

I practice and teach Energy Mastery and Healing @ The Healing Centre and in my workshops.
If you want to learn how to become more Connected back to your own POWER SOURCE and be healthier and happier, you can book on to my A Course In Connection (Meditation, Self Healing and Spiritual Development)

And remember STAY CONNECTED guys! It’s the only way you keep your power on! ??❤️?‍♀️???

Farrah xxx

Farrah Deen

Follow her on IG: @fairydeen78