I'm Tired

I’m tired..

By: Jack McAdoo

May 23, 2022

I feel for the mothers and children who can’t get baby formula since the Abbott Nutrition's plant in Sturgis, Michigan closed. We also can’t import formula because of the USMCA of July 2020. I am so tired of politics fucking up this country.

Im tired of people screaming at each other about former presidents who are treated as gods. Im tired of people worshiping CEO’s who give 2 shits about anyone.

I’m tired of Republicans and Democrats running cons on us and acted like we are too stupid to see truths. Im tired of Trump noise, Biden noise, McCarthy and Pelosi noise and everyone in between.

Im tired of people wanting to know each others business. Im tired of people infringing on the same rights we each have because they don’t agree with your politics. I give two fucks who you date, what you do behind closed doors in your own home. You have that right. It’s nobody’s business.

Im tired of people who are struggling for whatever reason being ridiculed by people who don’t even know them, or what the root cause even was.

I’m tired of hearing how everything offends you thinking you have to right to condemn and bash, even when the people being bashed have the same rights or have done the same, ie worked, pay taxes, breathe.

“I want my country back” people seem to forget the Native Americans are screaming the same thing but actually are the ones who actually lost their land. The Hawaiians can lay claim to the same because they were overthrown just to make it a tourist destination and strategic base. That worked out well.

Racial tensions are again in full effect. If its Mexican we scream "Build a wall"! Middle eastern, "Ban the Muslims"! Black, "BLM are terrorists"! White supremacy, "We need to help them and find the causes of their behavior". WTF has happened? We act as if the United States is the supreme warden of every country, I ran for office in Florida to help every single person I could in my county. It did not matter if there was a D, R, I, or NP next to your voting preference, I was running for you. I actually cared for everyone and just wanted everyone to feel welcomed and supported. My hope was that Pinellas County, Florida stood out as the best county in the country. I had support from every political party, but lacked the professional team around mean to win. But I put my mouth where my heart was, I fucking ran to make a difference.

I'm tired of "Power". I am so tired of Republicans, who can't figure out their identity anymore. They worship a former president while offering no platform for Americans except bullshit hoaxes and fear. I am tired of Democrats who have lost their way and have given up the fight. They have no "balls" and bitch about everything with zero action. Everything can't be free. There is no bipartisanship working for anyone at all. It's big dick time in Washington. We can't have term limits because the benefits like healthcare and pensions they receive are a dream for most Americans so that Bill will never pass.

We have 80 year olds running for office, again! Move out of the way and let some new young ideas in. Lets spark an honest movement in this country. The United States is so far behind in everything yet we call call ourselves the "greatest". Well, we are the greatest in spewing bullshit from all, or most of our leaders. Our younger candidates have ideas, dreams, and goals to set us apart again. Not the useless and blatant hypocrisy that is running wild from every congress person in DC. It would considered laughable but it is the truth. 

I’m tired of it all. But I do have faith and hope. I remember 9/11 and how we all came together. It was amazing. The energy of hate and disagreement seemed to vanish and we literally cared for each other. There was no political divide, there was American pride.

So I will continue to stay in my own lane and watch the noise of ridiculous bullshit bullying. No one is better. None of the 46 presidents are better than the other. Our past does exist and nothing we can do can change it. But we can learn from it.

Why does everything have to be an argument or political? You can’t even smile without someone getting pissed. Put your phone down. Go take a walk. Read a book, go watch kids play in a park, hunt, fish, read, camp, travel, work in a homeless food bank, take food to an elderly person, and just put your feet on some grass.

Too many people are so caught up in shit they can’t even see the peace that does exist. Too many spit hate, politics and fear with every breath, post, and dream.

With all this said, I’m tired, but…..

I’m hopeful. 




In mathematics, the Fibonacci numbers or Fibonacci sequence are the numbers in the following integer sequence: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144...
If we sum the squares of any series of Fibonacci numbers, they will equal the last Fibonacci number used in the series times the next Fibonacci number. This property results in the Fibonacci spiral, based on the following progression and properties of the Fibonacci series.The Fibonacci spiral gets closer and closer to a Golden Spiral as it increases in size because of the ratio of each number in the Fibonacci series to the one before it converges on Phi, 1.618, as the series progresses. Beginning with Zero, then 1, it then moves on to the next number, as such : 0+1=1, 1+1=2, 2+1=3, 3+2=5, 5+3=8 and so forth.
When we apply this mathematical formula to quantify or measure the movement of energy or Consciousness within time or space, the Fibonacci Spiral loses its connection going back to the Zero point or Source, instead the sequence uses the previous number to add into itself to get to the next higher number of the sequence. The Fibonacci Spiral illustrates the math used to perpetuate the war over energy, therefore the consciousness suppression on the earth, as when the sequence grows in number or size, it is due to the consumption of the previous values in order to grow itself larger.The larger it gets, the more it progressively moves out and away from the Krystal Spiral of the original core manifestation body or divine template body, as it expands. (See Consumptive Modeling). Therefore the Fibonacci Spiral is a model of Metatronic Reversal in the consciousness fields that ultimately attach like a parasite to a living host, collecting waste products, such as accumulating toxic Miasma fields which form into the Qlippoth or Adverse Sephiroth, in the Phantom Matrix to infect the Universal Tree of Life.
The Fibonacci spiral sequence emerges from a point of attachment, which is a parasitic in action, to attach itself to a living form, consuming everything in its path, to which it progressively loses contact when it continually expands itself. It grows and expands its consciousness through the consumption and eventual annihilation of that which it had attached itself to and had existed previously. This is what quantifies the actions of a Fallen race or species, such as the Black Suns Regressive or Belial groups.

Help Our Youth

Life goes by quick and kids and young adults really need to understand that while still enjoying life. Pass this on to a teen or young adult for life tips.

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How A Pause Can Save The Day

From time to time, we all need to take pause, a brief stillness, a moment to review “…our initial reaction so we can move to the place where a calm, thoughtful response is born.” – L.R. Knost

Through hindsight, we often realize how much stress we could have prevented by pausing to reconsider our choices before taking action. Many of us have learned this lesson many times over: for example, sometimes our heart nudges us to take a pause before releasing an angered response to an e-mail and we don’t listen. We mechanically press send and often second-guess ourselves the minute we click the mouse.

Then we become compressed, foreseeing the predictable stress we’ll experience from the backlash, and we are usually right – sometimes its days before all is well in the building. Pausing to review our feelings could have prevented this energy depleting scenario. There are myriad situations where we sacrifice our wellbeing because we allow hurry to jam our intuitive nudges to pause before sensitive engagement.

Practicing Pause and Calm

Pausing to feel our heart’s suggestions can deter many energy-draining standoffs with others, often with people we care about the most. We can proactively avoid these repeating, uncomfortable situations and regrets. Practicing pause and calm is increasing in popularity as a respected self-care practice, especially in these sped-up times of change, uncertainty and pressurized choices.

Many of us learned the value of pause from parents and passed it on as wisdom to our children. However, as life’s demanding pace keeps increasing, the memory to pause often fades when we are under pressure for speedy choices and actions. Speed may quicken action but pausing to review can make the effective difference in where our actions land us.

This writing is not to reinvent the intelligence of pause and review; it’s to hopefully inspire a renewed connection, if needed, with this effective habit of preemptive wisdom through these chaotic, yet adventuresome times.

Suggestions Regarding Pause:

  1. Breathing in the feeling of calm while practicing pause deepens our discernment capacity.
  2. Calm vibrations help us preempt our toxic reaction with conscious responses.
  3. Pause to create a space for smarter choices and less stressful outcomes.
  4. Pause and ask what your heart would say. Feel what your heart would do. Step into it.
  5. To increase your memory to pause at times, make it a big issue for a week, even if you overdo it. This will entrain your intuition to alert you when pausing would be effective.
  6. Practicing pause quickly increases self-security from experiencing less mistakes, setbacks and do-overs. Self-security automatically increases our resilience.
  7. Pausing and listening to others from our heart helps to keep our friends, friendly.
  8. Pausing allows a more inclusive assessment of consequences before action – which is one of the biggest benefits from the practice.
  9. Make an intention not to keep learning the value of pause through hindsight and hard lessons. We are already good at that.
  10. Use pause and calm as a door opener for your higher reasoning capacity. That’s why we tell our children to use pause.

What Jams Your Inner Signal?

Hurry is one of the most popular reasons we miss our inner signals to pause when needed. Much stress is prevented by pausing at times to adjust our operational pace to the speed of flow. When we speed past flow – mentally, emotionally or physically – we become vulnerable to dilution of efficiency in our outcomes. Picture how trying to thread a needle too fast jams the process, creating many do-overs until we manifest the speed of flow that matches our level of skill and experience. When our mental and emotional energies jam from anxiety, frustration or overwhelm, it’s effective to pause and ask our heart’s intuition what attitude or perception would create the most flow for restoring inner balance and clear direction.

“To pause before responding to important matters and choices gives us one more chance to be in-charge, rather than be in-trouble.”- Doc Childre

We hope this article helps you remember to refresh yourself with the value and many benefits of this tool, if needed.

Written by Doc Childre, HeartMath Founder, and Del Walker, HeartMath Institute Membership Director



Whether you’re an educator, a parent or a caregiver, you can teach mindfulness to the children in your life.

Here are six simple ways to do just that.

Oh, and before you begin your mindfulness exercise, make sure to turn off any distractions, such as television or video games, and be sure cell phones are silenced.


Ask children to sit comfortably and then close their eyes. Draw their attention to their breathing, telling them to feel the sensation of breath coming into and out of the body.

You can have them put their hands on their stomach to feel the gentle rise and fall with each breath, as this will help them keep focused. Alternatively, you may ask them to repeat the word “in” and “out” as they inhale and exhale, or you may say it for them.

Do this for about five breath cycles (five inhales and exhales). At the end of the five breaths, guide their attention to any thoughts and feelings that may be present (and any possible differences in how they feel now compared with how they felt before the practice).

Ask them to then let those thoughts and feelings go as they return their focus to their breath, then repeat the breathing cycle (as many times as feels appropriate).


Have the child or children begin by focusing on their breathing (as above) . After about five breath cycles, tell the children they’re going to hear a sound, and that they should focus on this sound as it gets softer and softer.

Instruct them to raise their hand when they no longer hear the sound. Play a sound for the children. This sound can be a bell, Tingsha (Tibetan meditation chimes), a “singing” bowl, a rain stick, or you can strike a note on a piano… any sound that will resonate and gradually evanesce will do.

Return to five breathing cycles. You can repeat this exercise a couple of times if you like, if the children are receptive to continue.


If you’re sharing a meal or a snack with children, tell them you’re going to make it an exercise in mindfulness.

Start with the breathing exercises. Invite children to be mindful of their food— of the aroma, of the feel of the food (or the feel of the spoon in their hand).

Tell them to take a bite of food and chew slowly. If they’re holding a utensil, ask them to put it down until they finish chewing and swallowing. Have them chew slowly for 20 or 30 seconds, asking them to notice the taste and the texture.

Repeat five cycles of breathing, then repeat with another bite if desired.


Eventually you’ll want to show the kiddies that mindfulness is not just for sitting still. Go for a short walk with them and teach them to be mindful while in motion. Have them start with focusing on the breath, then as you begin walking invite them to notice how the ground feels under their feet as they walk, what the movement of the body feels like when in motion.

You could draw their attention to feeling other associated sensations of walking like the clothing moving against their skin or the breeze moving through their hair. Aim to guide them to feel these sensations and not to get into labeling them or thinking about them. Every now and then you can suggest they return their attention to their breathing to help keep them in focus.


Put out some finger paints, a water or sand table or any kind of fun activity into which kids can really get their hands into. You can have them begin the exercise with their breathing cycles.

As they play, guide them to be fully present in the moment whenever they get distracted. You can focus on their senses— what they see, hear, feel and smell. Invite them to notice how the water slips through their fingers or runs down their arm, how sand shifts and pours out of the hand or how the colours of finger paints swirl together to blend into new colours.

Allow them to go for as long as they’re engaged in the activity and see how long they focus on it. You can end the play session with five breathing cycles.


When I was little I would often go out into the back yard and pretend that I was hunting. I wasn’t really after a particular ‘target’ but rather, I just loved the feeling of ‘hunting’. I would walk between the trees slowly and deliberately with zen-like focus listening out for every sound and watching for the slightest movements in my environment.

In this way I was totally immersed in my senses and fully engrossed in the present moment. Not thinking at all – just sensing. Every now and then I would see a small animal and maybe stop to study it closely in silence.

I didn’t realize it at the time but it was a practice of mindfulness. What is the state of a hunter? Highly alert, but not thinking. That’s mindfulness! So you could play the hunting game with your child to get them into a state of mindfulness.

Perhaps go out into the garden or yard together (or play inside) and tell them they have to be very quiet and slow as you go on your hunt. Guide them to be highly alert and use their senses fully. You can tell them to be very ‘quiet inside’ so that they can ‘listen’ to the world around them so they can discover a creature or what ever you go on a hunt for.

You could deepen this practice by getting your child to practice the mindful breathing exercise first. This activity may be a particularly good one for boys and for children who are highly active.

stock-footage-mother-and-her-kids-boy-and-girl-sitting-on-sand-and-meditating-view-from-behindEXTRA TIPS!

Mindfulness sessions are best, for many children, when kept short (five minutes or less) but you may find some children are able to do longer sessions depending on age and temperament.

If children are fidgety at first, or uncomfortable with sitting quietly and being mindful, encourage them gently to keep trying and praise their efforts. Keep introducing it and practicing in short bursts until the child becomes more accustomed. To encourage their cooperation, make it a pleasant experience— spend time afterwards sharing your perceptions during the practice, cuddling or doing something they enjoy.

With regular practice, you’ll find kids not only getting better at the techniques, but using them of their own accord. Their ability to be mindful can help them with challenges they may encounter into adulthood.





Milli Obrien


App and social media companies use these three psychological mind hacks to keep you scrolling. Here is how they’re getting you hooked and some tips on wiser use of the tech in your life.


They’re calling it an ‘attention war’ – where big tech companies battle it out to keep you glued to your screens.

Our attention is now a commodity and the research shows we are paying a hefty price as our attention spans are wearing thin and we become more distracted and disconnected.

In this short video you’ll learn about ‘persuasive design’ and how clever design principles quietly influence your decisions every single day. When it comes to technology this can have some profound effects that keep us addicted to our phones and simultaneously reduce our quality of life as we lose hours of our day stuck to our screens.

Below I also give five simple tips for using technology more wisely.

1) Practice ‘Unit Tasking’. Studies show multitasking is actually a less efficient way to do things (1). When you use the computer, instead of having several different activities going on at once, put your focus on one activity at a time. This will keep your mind calmer and clearer.

2) Use the Sacred Pause. Each time you pick up a device, hear a beep, buzz or ping, or sit at your laptop it can be an opportunity for a short mini-meditation practice. Simply take one mindful breath in and out before you interact with the device.

3) Turn Off Push Notifications. Instead of having chimes and dings going off all the time you can turn off push notifications. This way YOU decide when to interact with your device instead of the other way around.

4) Track How Much Time You Spend on Your Phone (2). There are several apps that can help you become more aware of how much time you spend picking up your device every day and specifically how much time you’re spending on various apps and social media.

5) Scramble Your App Placement Regularly. When you’re in the habit of knowing where to find your apps, you end up clicking them out of habit. You can interrupt your habit-loop by shifting apps around, which in turn forces you to make a more conscious decision about where to place your focus next.



Melli O'Brien 

An Amazing 2-Step Meditation for Inner Peace and Calm

The Quick Coherence® Technique for Adults

Easily create a state of coherence in about 60 seconds by releasing stress and stopping draining emotions such as frustration, irritation, anxiety and anger. When you are in a coherent state, your thoughts and emotions are balanced and you experience ease and inner harmony.

Listen to it here:












You Can Learn More form The HeartMath Institute

Apple Gives Facebook A Nice FU, And Zuckerberg Feels It

Facebook is freaking out over Apple because of it's new iOS update that allows iPhone users to opt out of tracking.
Facebook claims it is standing up for small businesses and its users, all the while Apple says it is standing up for its users.

Written by Bulbul Dhawan

Apple privacy policy: Facebook is repeatedly under fire from Apple for collecting vast amounts of user data. In this regard, Cupertino had earlier this year released a software update – the iOS 14 – which aims to bar Facebook from tracking user movements outside of Facebook-owned apps, i.e., Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp without their consent. However, while Facebook had been worried about how this would impact its targeted ads segment, the social media giant is still pushing against Apple and collecting massive amounts of data.

Data collected by Facebook
Facebook recently released the Facebook app version 300.0 for the iOS. Financial Express Online took a closer look at all the kinds of data that the social media giant is collecting through its products, on the iPhone.

Apart from the information that users provide to Facebook while signing up for its products, creating posts, sharing location or metadata of pictures or while using the in-app cameras, Facebook also gathers data regarding the users’ networks and communications, which includes the people, pages, hashtags, accounts and groups the users are connected to and the people that the users interact with the most. Moreover, information uploaded, imported or synced with these products from the phones or devices, like SMS or call logs and address books, is also collected by the social media giant.

The way people use these apps – the content they view, the features they like, the time and frequency of activity, and the people or accounts they interact with – is also monitored and collected by the user.

When any purchase is made using Facebook-owned products, the giant gathers information about the purchase or transaction including the number of the debit or credit card, account and authentication information and contact details, billing and delivery.

Information shared by other users regarding a user is also gathered by the giant, including when someone uploads a picture or content regarding a user, send a message to them, or upload, sync or import their contact information.

That is not where it ends though. While not entirely ethical, Facebook gathering data from apps owned by it still seems okay. However, Facebook also collects information from the phones, computers, TVs and other devices used by customers that integrate with Facebook’s products.

Device attributes like the OS, software and hardware versions, signal strength, mouse movements, battery level, and windows open in foreground and background. Apart from that, unique device identifiers like device ID, identifiers from games or apps a user has, and Family Device IDs are also collected. Bluetooth signals, Wi-Fi access points nearby, mobile phone masts and beacons are collected along with information like GPS location, camera and photos, if the user has permitted Facebook to access them through device settings.

Other information like name of the mobile operator or the ISP, time zone, language, phone number, speed of connection, IP address, and even information about other devices nearby or on a user’s network is collected, apart from the cookie data.

Not just that. Facebook also requires its partners like advertisers, app developers and publishers to send information regarding user activities off Facebook, device information, websites visited by the user, purchases made, ads they see, as well as the manner in which the user utilises the services of these partners. This information is shared with the social media giant regardless of whether the user has an account on Facebook or is logged in or not.

How does Facebook use this information?
Facebook says that this information is used to personalise services provided to the users like targeted ads, to tailor and customise the user experience on the products. Facebook also says that information like current location, the place where a user lives or places, they like to go to, is used to personalise and improve the products that Facebook offers to users. Location information is collected using device location, if shared, or IP addresses.

The information is also used to help advertisers and other Facebook partners to measure the distribution of ads and services and for other analytical purposes.

Facebook also claims that this information helps in promoting safety, integrity and security, as it uses it to verify accounts and activity and to combat harmful conduct and prevent scam.

Facebook targets Apple
Facebook has been worried over Apple’s new iOS privacy labels policy and how it would impact the targeted ads segment, which forms a major source of revenue for the social media giant. To this effect, it has taken to full-page newspaper ads in the US to criticise Apple’s move to “limit businesses” in their ability to reach customers effectively, while claiming that Facebook is standing up for small businesses, a pitch which it has used for several of its electronic ads over the years as well. The full-page ads ran across influential papers like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, among others.

Facebook said that while the stopping of targeted ads would also impact big companies, the move would be especially devastating for small businesses.

Apple rebutted to Facebook’s criticism and bold claims and stated that the update is not going to stop users from being tracked if they wish to do so. The only thing changing is that users would have to explicitly give permission to Facebook and other apps before Apple would allow them to track and monitor their online activities.

While Facebook claimed it was standing up for small businesses, Cupertino, in its response, stated that it was standing up for its users, which, it said, was a simple matter. The iPhone maker said that users must be in the know when their data is being collected and shared with other apps and websites and the choice for that should remain in their hands.

The ads followed Apple’s announcement that it would be detailing the kinds of personal information that digital services in its app stores would be collecting. Cupertino is also looking to make it mandatory for all iPhone apps to get explicit permission before they can track user movements. Several apps have this surveillance on by default, and the onus of blocking these apps falls on the users. Cupertino, which stands for customer service and convenience, has not taken well to this, and once the changes become effective next year, Apple said it would begin ousting apps that attempt to bypass the anti-tracking rules.

Become More Connected With Energy

Now more than ever we all need to become masters of our health! ?????
Do you want more energy? ?
Do you want to feel more Connected to yourself and others? ? ?
Do you want to heal your own mental and physical illness? ? ?
Did you know humans are like a mobile phones and have our own internal charging points we can use for AMAZING health! ? ??

So …in the first lockdown , there was a mass Disconnection of humans and we were isolated and blocked from our Source of connections.. family , friends and nature! It was awful! ?
We also felt UNSAFE in our bodies and minds
so I wanted to make people feel safe again by using your only power that no one can take from you!!

So I created a very simple way to Reconnect back to the most powerful energy on the planet! YOU! ??

The Hands and Feet literally HAEMORRHAGE energy out of them! Most things you see around you have been CREATED by our hands!
And our feet are literally like Plugs connecting us to Earth , and sucking up gravity so we can stand up!

In this exercise I have had patients cry, laugh and say they have never felt so safe and connected.
Just place your hands over your heart and belly , connect your feet together and the Power Source is BACK ON! ? ?‍♀️

The next exercise is a Traditional Eastern Energy Exercise and literally turns Stagnation and Sluggishness in to Energy and Vitality! ? ?
And if all else fails , hug a tree! Trees hold MASSIVE energy to ground , energise and calm you! ? ? ❤️

I practice and teach Energy Mastery and Healing @ The Healing Centre and in my workshops.
If you want to learn how to become more Connected back to your own POWER SOURCE and be healthier and happier, you can book on to my A Course In Connection (Meditation, Self Healing and Spiritual Development)

And remember STAY CONNECTED guys! It’s the only way you keep your power on! ??❤️?‍♀️???

Farrah xxx

Farrah Deen

Follow her on IG: @fairydeen78