When the water rises all of the boats do too

I love the idea that the best way to help those around you is the embody your highest vibration.  To love yourself unconditionally where just by you entering a room you shift the entire feeling of others. We learn by observation and imitation... when you set boundaries for yourself others will observe the power in it and can learn.  So often, helping others is actually a covert manipulative tactic to have your subconscious needs met.  Does your need to have others view you as good fuel your life-source that is actually full of voids? The next step to our evolution in consciousness is here. We are analyzing the more subtle layers of addictions and healing. Carl Jung felt that the price of evolution was searching for your identity that reaches down to the depths of the underworld. It's seeing your inner demons and choosing to be altruistic despite your shadows you have brought light to.  Denial is a hell of a drug the human race subscribes to. How do you discern your real motivations? Ask yourself and ask yourself again... do I have something to gain by doing this and is it the guise of altruism.


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