Plot Twists

No matter what we do in life we plan to perfect everything that we take on. It doesn't matter what it is we will always celebrate how well it is going until it all goes south. Instead of bitching and getting down on yourself, yell "Plot Twist" and get back up!

The Delivery Changes, But My Message Remains The Same

I explain motivation, spirituality, mindfulness, and everything in between daily through shows, social media, and even memes. My message is always the same, but the delivery of the same message will change. People aren't quick to absorb it right away, and it may take me ten times to explain it and then one day they get it! Listen here as I describe my process and hopefully it inspires you! Peace, and ALOHA!!






Everyone wants to be Instafamous. But what are the reasons, and who really is famous? Take a listen.

Jack McAdoo

Why are we so worried about other people's opinions so much? Break out of their rules and just be you!


Alex Kovalev

Jack Welcomes guest NHL Great Alex Kovalev. They discuss the Stanley Cup, Olympic Gold, Kids, Acting, and more! Please enjoy!

Jennifer Ashton

Dr. Jennifer Ashton, Chief Medical Correspondent at ABC Good Morning America, joins us to talk about the release of her new book “The Self-Care Solution”. Join us!

Lauren Rudick

Jack welcomes Attorney Lauren Rudick to the show for a fantastic discussion on CBD and a few of the laws around the industry.Lauren is the co-founder of Hiller, PC’s Cannabis Law practice area. What started as a passion project in patient rights during a brief residency in California, Lauren has become one of the nation’s preeminent attorneys servicing medical Cannabis industry players in the Green Rush.

Anna Yusim

Dr. Anna Yusim, the author of the best selling book Fulfilled, joins the show today to discuss how she integrates Psychiatry & Spirituality into her practice.