Help Our Youth

Life goes by quick and kids and young adults really need to understand that while still enjoying life. Pass this on to a teen or young adult for life tips.

Sedona, What Happened?

I love Sedona, Arizona and I visit as much as I can to recharge and self reflect. Most of all I get to visit with my amazing friends who have lived there for decades, and listen to the stories of what is happening there today, as well as hiking and just having an fantastic time.

Different Modalities

We love different modalities, so why can't we mix them up? I bring a few life lessons and thoughts about changes in my life and relationships. I packed a lot into this one!



We Are Insignificant

We are so very insignificant in the grand scale of life. Jack provides his insights on this subject in what is one of his most powerful solo podcast episodes to date. Check it out!



We Need A Global Pause

Our home is so over stressed with out of control power and forced opinions that we just need a moment to breathe. Countries falling apart, people rising up for good and bad, governments want more power, individuals in power believe they are gods, and the suffering continues. We can fix this, so take a listen all the way to the end of this show for some answers.

Changing it up with Social Media!

I am always real with what I do and say on my show and I do so here. Social media has made an impact on all of our lives and changes happen so fast! Now, I am changing up my game to establish myself there. Listen in!

Do You!

Be authentic in everything that you do! Don't worry about how someone else does something!

Plot Twists

No matter what we do in life we plan to perfect everything that we take on. It doesn't matter what it is we will always celebrate how well it is going until it all goes south. Instead of bitching and getting down on yourself, yell "Plot Twist" and get back up!

The Delivery Changes, But My Message Remains The Same

I explain motivation, spirituality, mindfulness, and everything in between daily through shows, social media, and even memes. My message is always the same, but the delivery of the same message will change. People aren't quick to absorb it right away, and it may take me ten times to explain it and then one day they get it! Listen here as I describe my process and hopefully it inspires you! Peace, and ALOHA!!






Everyone wants to be Instafamous. But what are the reasons, and who really is famous? Take a listen.