I’m tired..

By: Jack McAdoo

May 23, 2022

I feel for the mothers and children who can’t get baby formula since the Abbott Nutrition’s plant in Sturgis, Michigan closed. We also can’t import formula because of the USMCA of July 2020. I am so tired of politics fucking up this country.

Im tired of people screaming at each other about former presidents who are treated as gods. Im tired of people worshiping CEO’s who give 2 shits about anyone.

I’m tired of Republicans and Democrats running cons on us and acted like we are too stupid to see truths. Im tired of Trump noise, Biden noise, McCarthy and Pelosi noise and everyone in between.

Im tired of people wanting to know each others business. Im tired of people infringing on the same rights we each have because they don’t agree with your politics. I give two fucks who you date, what you do behind closed doors in your own home. You have that right. It’s nobody’s business.

Im tired of people who are struggling for whatever reason being ridiculed by people who don’t even know them, or what the root cause even was.

I’m tired of hearing how everything offends you thinking you have to right to condemn and bash, even when the people being bashed have the same rights or have done the same, ie worked, pay taxes, breathe.

“I want my country back” people seem to forget the Native Americans are screaming the same thing but actually are the ones who actually lost their land. The Hawaiians can lay claim to the same because they were overthrown just to make it a tourist destination and strategic base. That worked out well.

Racial tensions are again in full effect. If its Mexican we scream “Build a wall”! Middle eastern, “Ban the Muslims”! Black, “BLM are terrorists”! White supremacy, “We need to help them and find the causes of their behavior”. WTF has happened? We act as if the United States is the supreme warden of every country, I ran for office in Florida to help every single person I could in my county. It did not matter if there was a D, R, I, or NP next to your voting preference, I was running for you. I actually cared for everyone and just wanted everyone to feel welcomed and supported. My hope was that Pinellas County, Florida stood out as the best county in the country. I had support from every political party, but lacked the professional team around mean to win. But I put my mouth where my heart was, I fucking ran to make a difference.

I’m tired of “Power”. I am so tired of Republicans, who can’t figure out their identity anymore. They worship a former president while offering no platform for Americans except bullshit hoaxes and fear. I am tired of Democrats who have lost their way and have given up the fight. They have no “balls” and bitch about everything with zero action. Everything can’t be free. There is no bipartisanship working for anyone at all. It’s big dick time in Washington. We can’t have term limits because the benefits like healthcare and pensions they receive are a dream for most Americans so that Bill will never pass.

We have 80 year olds running for office, again! Move out of the way and let some new young ideas in. Lets spark an honest movement in this country. The United States is so far behind in everything yet we call call ourselves the “greatest”. Well, we are the greatest in spewing bullshit from all, or most of our leaders. Our younger candidates have ideas, dreams, and goals to set us apart again. Not the useless and blatant hypocrisy that is running wild from every congress person in DC. It would considered laughable but it is the truth. 

I’m tired of it all. But I do have faith and hope. I remember 9/11 and how we all came together. It was amazing. The energy of hate and disagreement seemed to vanish and we literally cared for each other. There was no political divide, there was American pride.

So I will continue to stay in my own lane and watch the noise of ridiculous bullshit bullying. No one is better. None of the 46 presidents are better than the other. Our past does exist and nothing we can do can change it. But we can learn from it.

Why does everything have to be an argument or political? You can’t even smile without someone getting pissed. Put your phone down. Go take a walk. Read a book, go watch kids play in a park, hunt, fish, read, camp, travel, work in a homeless food bank, take food to an elderly person, and just put your feet on some grass.

Too many people are so caught up in shit they can’t even see the peace that does exist. Too many spit hate, politics and fear with every breath, post, and dream.

With all this said, I’m tired, but…..

I’m hopeful.