By Mr. Orion Belt

 In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. 

He had 3 ships that left from Spain, 

They sailed through sunshine, wind and rain. 

Carrying 90 men their hulls filled with trade and grain. 

They carried much more than the Spanish flag bore. For within the men both fat and thin was a virus whose path would become quite grim. 

And so began the beginning of the Peoples end. 

The Arakawa people had not seen men like these nor had their bodies experienced disease. 

They stole their land with slight of hand and turned their heads as they burned the dead. 

They spread like a plague like the virus within and slaughtered them all with a great crying din. 

Savages Savages they did cry as the indigenous people lay down and die. Their last war cry was barely a sigh. 

There were 60 million indigenous people when the white man arrived. Only 3 million survive now and with no land and no game. The many tribes still with no rights and heads hung in shame. 

My dark brothers cry that Black Lives matter, though this is true through all the clatter. 

The human race will perish, 

until ALL LiVES Matter. G2a/ 2022