Throughout his career, motivational coach Jack McAdoo has encountered countless people who only needed that one great push, one instance of validation for them to continue pursuing their dreams. At the service of those reinventing the future they want, he has made it his mission to stand as a pillar of support.

While life may be the most excellent teacher, Jack McAdoo knows that one needs to turn to reliable individuals who can serve as sources of much-needed guidance and advice in times of doubts and uncertainties. And personalities who have known what it is to fail and succeed are especially effective in shedding light on the mindset and skills needed to thrive. Given the life path that has taken him from the summit of industries to the loss of his fortunes several times, this keynote speaker has risen as an authority in the field.

By capitalizing and sharing his downfalls and rise to success, Jack McAdoo has emerged as a respected voice whose portfolio of accomplishments further cements his capacity as a facilitator of greatness. He is the creator of Poker Pod Radio, a pioneering poker lifestyle podcast on iTunes, and the founder of Real Talk Live!, which is an empowerment podcast with millions of listeners around the globe tuning in to every episode and has been ranked by Alexa in the top 3,000 websites in the U.S. and the top 20,000 worldwide.

Through Real Talk Live!, Jack McAdoo prompts insightful and productive conversations focusing on a broad range of topics, from motivation and spirituality to lifestyle, business, and health. It has invited the participation of highly acclaimed guests, including esteemed psychiatrist Dr. Anna Yusim, author of the New York Times bestseller, Fulfilled. Professional athlete Alex Kovalev and the chief medical correspondent for ABC-TV’s Good Morning America, Dr. Jennifer Ashton, have also graced his podcast, to name a few.

As a life navigator, Jack McAdoo is known for inspiring lives through personal experiences. Fueled with the purpose of sharing with millions of people the ways they can unlock their potential, evolve into their true selves, and master their future, he has spoken at boot camps for entrepreneurs, pirate banking events, high school graduations, and more.

Whether it is on his empowerment podcasts or his in-person events, this award-winning powerhouse banks on the tools that allow him to transform his circumstances. Generously divulging lessons to individuals and corporations, Jack McAdoo has made it possible for others to figure out who they are and where they want to go.

This passion-driven speaker takes pride in his authenticity and rawness. With his relatability and well-known capacity for empathy, he makes it easy for audiences to feel the truth in his words and trust that he has been in their shoes at one point or another. Furthermore, he has received nods for his apparent emphasis on influencing lives for the better over denting people’s wallets in exchange for his service.

Jack McAdoo is set to release a new book at the end of this year. And in the hopes of optimizing accessibility and impacting more people, his website is being streamlined for Zoom conferences. These upcoming initiatives are in line with his commitment to act as a guiding hand to aspirants worldwide. And in the future, he plans to lead the personal development and motivational space by rising as the go-to speaker in the United States.

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