Jack McAdoo

When you use your imagination, you are connecting to the creative power of awareness. So, anything we imagine will be manifested outward.

We can see this in the way that our thoughts can create negative or positive emotions. If you are feeling negative emotions, it means that something is out of balance in your life.

The way to get back into balance is by using your imagination to connect with your higher self and create a more positive experience for yourself.

You can also use your imagination to manifest things into existence by imagining that they already exist in your life. This is similar to what many people do when they pray for something they want and believe that they deserve it.

When we pray or meditate, we are using our imagination to connect with our higher self and ask for guidance on what we need to do next in order to create more happiness or fulfillment in our lives (or whatever else we might be seeking).

The power of the human imagination is immense. The imagination is the gateway to all possibilities, and you can use it to create whatever you want in your life. You can use it to manifest dreams, make a positive change in your life and transform yourself into a better person.

You may have heard people say that their thoughts become things. It’s true! Every thought we think has an energy behind it, which attracts more things like itself into our lives. This means that if you want something in your life, you need to create an image of it in your mind first before it manifests in reality.

The most powerful aspect of imagination is that it works both ways — it takes things from inside out as well as outside in. When we imagine something happening inside us, it happens outside us — when we imagine ourselves being confident or happy, for example. And when we imagine something happening outside us — like having more money or a better job — it happens inside us too!

 The power of the imagination is a very powerful tool. When you use your imagination, you are connecting to the creative power of awareness. So, anything we imagine will be manifested outward.

When we have an idea or thought in our mind, it is not just a mental thought; it is a manifestation of energy that can manifest as reality. If we think about someone and they call us on the phone within minutes, this is not coincidence; it is manifestation!

This is why it’s so important to understand how our thoughts affect us and others around us because our thoughts create our reality.

If someone has hurt you or offended you in any way, visualize them being happy and healthy. Visualize them enjoying their life with lots of love and success. Visualize them being free from any problems or difficulties they are experiencing right now in their life because once we visualize something happening, it does happen! When we visualize loving ourselves and being happy all the time, we will attract happiness into our lives because happiness attracts more happiness!

If you want more money or financial abundance in your life, visualize yourself with more money than you need and then watch what starts happening in your life! Remember that whatever we focus on grows bigger so focus on having a lot!