For those that know my time as a former professional poker player, you would think by the title of this piece that I am getting ready to get into some sort of hand strategy. Not this time. I bring to my listeners and audiences motivation that allows them to open their minds and begin to look within to adapt to things that can better their lives. This is one of the tools that I have actually begun to use for myself and that I would like to share with each of you.

My friend Alexander Dunlop wrote a fantastic book entitled, “Play Your Cards Right” that explains the true origins of the common deck of playing cards. He explains that there are 52 cards that coincide with the 52 weeks of the year, and the four suits that represent the four seasons. When the totality of the deck is added up we see that we get 365 1/4 that equals of course the days in each year.

From the author:

This book gives you the clarity, answers, confidence, and direction you’ve been seeking for your whole life.

Read this book and you’ll discover a hidden toolkit you can use to craft the life you really want.

You see, based on your date of birth, you have 13 Life Cards. In your Life Cards, you’ll discover your pathway to more fulfilling work, happier relationships, and authentic self-expression.


I have looked up my birth month and year and I am described to the “T”. The expressions relate to who am today, the path that I can choose to follow, and where I once was. The reading and interpretation gave me self-awareness that I AM on the right path and it fits totally with the modalities that I follow in my life and I know that it will do the same for you.

I don’t want to go too deep into what he offers in this fantastic book because I would prefer that you get it for yourself and just dive in. Go to his website and learn about The Life Elevated Foundation as well. Our time is changing so rapidly that it is hard to keep up and maintain what our body really needs to be feeling. Change is good, and this book and foundation can help guide you through it.

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