Jack McAdoo

Vision boards are a way to visualize your dreams and goals. They are powerful tools that help you manifest your desires by focusing on what you want in your life. Vision boards can be made with images, words or both. You can make one on your own or have someone else make it for you.

The idea behind vision boards is that they awaken the inspiration within us and help us to create the feeling of our images so we can manifest our dreams. If you can create the feeling of your image and see it in your mind as if it were already real, then you will create it in your life.

How To Use A Vision Board

Step 1: Get some magazines and cut out images from them which represent what you want in life – love, wealth, happiness.

Step 2: Paste these images onto a large poster board or piece of cardboard and arrange them into an order that makes sense to you. This could be alphabetical order or by category (i.e., money).

Step 3: Place this board where you will see it every day – on the back of your closet door or over your desk at work are two good places.

Step 4: Every time you pass by this poster look at it with new eyes – notice how beautiful each image

Step 5: Feel the image, then BE that image. Learn this feeling in your sub-conscious mind so that your conscious mind creates the reality.

Step 6: Know that you know, feel that you feel, and watch your prayers and desires be brought to reality.


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