Media Consulting

Changing the way your entertainment needs are met.

Welcome to Jack McAdoo, Inc., your premier destination for comprehensive media production and entertainment management services. Formerly known as JJM Media Group, Inc., our rebranded entity, Jack McAdoo, Inc., is committed to taking your creative visions to new heights across the realms of feature films, music production, and entertainment consulting.

At Jack McAdoo, Inc., our media division stands as a beacon of full-service excellence. We excel in breathing life into your artistic concepts within the dynamic landscapes of Music, Film, and Theatre. Furthermore, our dedicated Entertainment Consulting services cater to all facets of your entertainment endeavors. From inception to execution, we offer comprehensive project production and financing options tailored to the unique needs of our esteemed clientele, ensuring your ideas are not just realized but celebrated.

Dedicated to transforming dreams into tangible realities, Jack McAdoo, Inc. serves as the driving force behind innovation in the entertainment industry. Our overarching mission is to craft an exhilarating, profitable, and enriching journey for all stakeholders involved.

Embrace a nurturing and professional atmosphere where excellence thrives at Jack McAdoo, Inc. We pride ourselves on delivering prompt results that exceed your expectations, ensuring your deadlines are not just met but surpassed.

Explore our diverse range of services:

– Project Financing
– Feature Film Producing
– Script Services
– Music Production and Artist Management
– Podcast Production and Distribution

Join us at Jack McAdoo, Inc. and let us elevate your entertainment aspirations to unprecedented heights.


The NAICS codes for JJM Media Group, Inc. are [512, 51211, 5121, 51, 512110].

The SIC codes for JJM Media Group LLC are [78, 781].