Jack McAdoo's world shattered when his mom abruptly disappeared from his life when he was just 4 years old.

Confused and afraid, he learned to lean on his father, whose military career led Jack and his brothers from one adventure to the next, spanning Langley Air Force Base in Virginia, to Germany, Austria, Berlin, and Prague.

It wouldn’t be long before Jack would suffer another loss at age 9, when his father’s death forced him and his brothers to live separate lives, leading to a string of tragedies that would culminate in a complicated reunion with his mother in Hawaii.

From homelessness to addiction, making millions to losing it all — Jack McAdoo has lived more lives than most. And is now sharing the lessons he’s learned along the way. Today, Jack McAdoo is a global motivational coach and the founder of A Life Illuminated, a popular lifestyle podcast with an audience of millions across the globe.

By sharing his downfalls and rise to success, Jack explores the power of belief and why it’s critical for realizing personal potential. His raw and honest memoir offers a glimpse of the pain that has motivated him to motivate others – and serves as an inspirational reminder that we all have the power to manifest the life we want to lead.


The Early Years

Jack McAdoo was born into a globe-trotting military family and planned to become a U.S. Air Force lawyer, but at age 9, after his father’s death, he went to military school and then moved to his mother’s native Hawaii and turned to music. In his late teens, he worked on and off as a nightclub promoter, talent agent, and musician, and later, in Los Angeles, as a studio and touring musician and producer. But the money he earned slipped through his fingers on cars, clothes, and good times.

In Los Angeles, Jack worked with Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Prince, and many other artists as an engineer, or on their production teams. He was mentored in the business of entertainment and film for years by Melvin Van Peebles after they met on the set of the band Whodini’s video “Funky Beat”

After a brief marriage that produced a son, he moved to Florida and with a partner built up a medical equipment company, only to see the relationship erode and his stake in the company disappear after more than a decade of work.

Today & Beyond


Concurrently, Jack organized charity poker tournaments, became an established poker pro at an online gaming platform and competed in tournaments as well as private, high-stakes games. As an entrepreneur, he created Poker Pod Radio, the first poker podcast about poker lifestyle, which ran from 2006 to 2017 on iTunes. Jack launched a second podcast, Real Talk Live!, about wellness and empowerment issues, in 2009. It’s ranked by Alexa in the top 3,000 websites in the U.S. and the top 20,000 worldwide.

His guests have included actors Keanu Reeves and Johnny Depp. Also included are award-winning psychiatrist Dr. Anna Yusim, author of the best-seller, Fulfilled; pro athlete and NHL great Alex Kovalev; Dr. Jennifer Ashton, chief medical correspondent for TV’s Good Morning America; cannabis industry attorney Lauren Rudick; kabbalistic astrologer Rachel Schwartz; entrepreneur and female health startup consultant Rachel Braun Scherl; and celebrity matchmaker Amy Laurent, among others.

Jack’s journey also includes an unsuccessful bid for county office in Florida in 2014, a move to California for a romantic relationship that left him penniless, and an attempted suicide in 2016.

Humbled by his ups and downs, Jack found and focused on his purpose in life and turned to motivational speaking. With his faith and that of an investor, he created JJM Media Group, Inc. and restarted his award-winning podcast, pivoting to inspirational messages that strike a chord with the public.

He is currently the CEO of the television streaming channel RealLive TV, and a television and film producer, among other notable businesses and projects.