Shape Your Power of Thought

Sit and look from your mind’s eye at the power of thought. A magnificent power that we all share yet it is unique to each of us. What we focus on during the day and give energy to can lead to subconscious thought without even realizing it, putting our life-sustaining actions on autopilot. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

But our power of thought is amazing in itself. From the moment that we open our eyes, our brain is at work showing us the images that we project from inside. Calculations of all types, love, worry, fear, exhilaration, all of it.

We can relive thoughts and our feelings from the past and get excited about what lies ahead in our future, just through a simple process, and through our awareness. Imagine learning how to harness the energy of your thoughts, and taking that power and use it to focus, and manifest your dreams. You can. We all can. Learn to become aware, and notice where your awareness goes.

Are you focused on the task at hand, or are you doing it subconsciously while your thought moves away on its own to the sandwich you ate at lunch? Visualize that life you desire. See it, feel it, become aware of it through thought and focus. Take the time each day to focus your awareness on one thing, one thing at a time. Be careful because if you aren’t aware, you just might slip into meditation.

Take this power and use it for your good. Why waste it on asking yourself questions about what someone else is doing, or why they are even doing it. That belongs to them, not you. Harness the good that is in you, and your thoughts will reflect it, and your whole life will change. Try it. Enjoy your power!