Political Stress

No matter where we go we see it or hear it. We can spot the vitriol and hatred immediately as it sends shivers throughout our body, and we get into that fight or flight mentally. Politics. It is rampant everywhere and it is about to get worse.


No matter what political side you affiliate yourself with you will be hit in the face with so much drama, lies, conspiracy theories, and plain BS that it will stress you out. Political Stress. It lurks in social media, restaurants, bars, and even at a favorite W store.


People will defend to the death whatever it is that hasn’t been proven or was just spit out by someone of the same ilk. And it drives you nuts! The remedy? Breathe. Honestly just walk away from it. There is no need for an explanation, just move away from it, fast. Stop scrolling. You know that immediately after the recipe for butterscotch chocolate fondue, and the cat doing something spectacular, the political screaming person, and or meme will be hitting you in it’s full effect. 


You see it, but you can just keep scrolling on down the page. Easy. Clickbait? Keep on going to the next recipe or course that is for sale and you will realize political peace. You know it’s there so why overcharge your senses with it? Turn off the news and quit listening to gossip from friends and co-workers. There is a huge difference between being an informed voter, and someone who is obsessed with every move a candidate makes.


Social media is the worst. You can easily unfriend or unfollow if it’s hard to get away from them. I have looked away when I see a name come up of a person I know who only spews stress. It has become easy actually, and the more I do it, the more I can handle the ones that do get through.


Look, it’s your peace and sanity that is at risk, and what you do to be stress-free is on you. But this is a rough time for a lot of people who just want to vote and chill without getting into a heated typing or shouting match, So relax turn it off, and own your sanity. 


Jack McAdoo