The Social Media Distraction

The majority of us have a social media account in one form or another. Some of us are active on all of them as a provider of content or a viewer of someone else’s. But we use it, daily, and often way too much.

You log in and immediately you see what a friend or family member is posting and you give it a thumbs up, like, or nothing at all. You were just popping on for a minute or two, just to check or even post something yourself, and get those cravings of likes to your own post satisfied.

But then you see another friend, then another, then a new friend, a hot body of some gender, then in no time you are looking at a cat chasing a string video, or how to use glue to open a can of corn master class.

Hey we all do it because it’s how we are programmed at our subconscious level. We need that rush of a like or the argument that we get to feed off of with someone we don’t even know. It isn’t new to us at all because it allows us to be who we are behind the keyboard. If your loving in real life you will project that online. If you have a god complex and love to argue, you bet your ass you will be part of a political spat with a take no prisoners mindset.

There is nothing wrong with social media in itself. It is how we choose to use it either for entertainment, or just to honestly check in with a friend or towo. Some of us use it for business and inspiration for others, and we know to jump off as soon as we are done. But we do need, and should take a break from it from time to time. The dog and cat videos will still be there, and so will the arguments, but your mind and emotions need to step back from it. Recharge.

Never let it grab you and take you out of the real world and distract you from the real life that you live in. Discipline yourself and you can begin to enjoy social media for what it really is, an online social platform. Period.