You are never too old to start again

If you have ever reached a certain age and told yourself that it is too late to begin something new then I am here to change that.  You can become the best version of yourself at any age. You can create something new in regards to business, relationships, health, wellness, and spirituality anytime you desire!

We have been programmed since we were very young that we have to do it now, right now, or it will be too late because we are “old”. That is nonsense and we need to change that thought today. If you want to get in shape at 60 then go do it. If you want to write that memoir at 35 then go write it. That language you have always wanted to learn is still there waiting for you to devour it.

We can do anything that we want at any time we want. We were never programmed or determined to be and do something specific based on the thoughts of others. We hold the rights to our life and can do what we want with it. I’m speaking of what is good and legal of course for the purpose of this blog. How many times have we said I would love to start a small business, or speak to high school kids, and then not even do it because of our thought of I’m too old or it is just too late to even try. STOP IT! Go fricken do it. Go do it with the passion you had when you learned to drive a car or whatever achievement you had in your life that inspired you.

Go do it. There is no rule in life stating that you can’t simply be all that you desire. What you desire you can be, and all of those thoughts can and will become all that you want to create. Period. Rewire your thinking and go change your life. We are young in our hearts forever and let that be your compass. Not someone who hates that YOU have the desire for change and they are upset because they don’t, and have zero clue on how to even spark the desire.

So go out and show how young your heart is at any age. The only person you need permission from is you.