Sum of the five

The Sum of Five

We are who we are, kind of like it is what it is, but it never has to be that way.

Have you ever wanted to get somewhere with your business, relationships, or the progression of an idea of thought but just can’t seem to get there? Not because of the desire that sits deep inside of you, but because you don’t have the encouragement of others that are surrounding you.

You don’t have the peers of your niche there to inspire and guide you, and help you bounce ideas to see if they could flow and even work. You can easily determine if you are stuck and realise who your true sum of your five are.

You are a reflection of your thoughts and who you associate with. If your inner circle of 5 people love to gossip, you more than likely gossip. If they talk about worry, unfulfillment doom and gloom, then you will reflect those thoughts and in your own daily life.

Look at your five closest friends and or family members. Do they reflect the ideas and lifestyle that you truly desire for yourself? Then you need to find and gravitate closer to those that share your vision and ideas. When you get around those of like minded people you function in a way that lifts you, and creates the desire to achieve. And each person in your five has their own sum of the 5 and it becomes a growing magnet for everything that you desire. Where the right thoughts go, energy always flows towards them.

The five can always change. Growth happens and you may grow towards others as your progress and thoughts begin to shift even higher, and they will do the same. Some will climb on their own or fall away but develop new circles. Your five lifts each other at all costs and wants nothing but the best for each other. They are your true inner circle where access is not freely given.

They represent the best of you, and act as your defense to your shared ambitions and desire. You will always have associates, but even those need to be broken down to a group of five or ten. They may not be as tight as your core group, but more than like are close in the thought process. Your inner circle won’t tell you crap you want to hear, but they will definitely tell you what you don’t want to hear as well so that it builds to growth for you and them. Your next circle won’t really do that for you, but their thoughts and conversations are always welcomed and needed, as yours are for them.

Outside of those two circles is where everyones else that you allow into your life reside. You need to keep them at arms length as they are usually the ones who aren’t all in on everything that you are doing, but would gladly be there when you reach success.

Evaluate who is around you now. Clean house as soon as you can because it is your life and you need to lead it in a way that brings positivity and growth to it. You are not here to live in the negative, but the positive. So remove what is not serving and replace it with what is. Find your Sum of the 5.